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Harry Styles to Dominate Theatres Twice

image source: Indie Wire / Vanity Fair

Yes! It has long been confirmed that the English singer-songwriter Harry Styles will have two movies in theatres this fall. These would be released in consecutive months—September to October.

From the announcement to the filming of the movies, fans have been anticipating its release, and now that it's getting close, they may begin clearing out their schedules and have their dates blocked.

The first movie starred by Styles is entitled Don't Worry, Darling. It will be in cinemas on September 23, while My Policeman will land on October 21 before becoming available to stream on Prime Video from November 4.

The better news is that these movies are not just for Styles’ fans; book lovers are also anticipating these exciting films as both are based on novels.

Don't worry, Darling is a psychological thriller directed by Olivia Wilde. The story follows a housewife, played by Florence Pugh—one of the main characters, who begins to uncover a disturbing truth about her husband, portrayed by Styles. In addition, actor Chris Pine will also play the charismatic cult-like leader in a mid-century-styled experimental community.

On the other hand, My Policeman movie is based on a romance novel by Bethan Roberts. This tells a story of a very intriguing love story set in the 50s where Styles will play a policeman who fell in love with a teacher, played by Emma Corin. However, a more engaging storyline comes after Tom—Styles' character—engages in a passionate affair with a curator named Patrick.

Movie lovers, book lovers, basically Harry Styles lovers will surely enjoy this.


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